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The workplace in Corporate companies is a den for new ideas and breakthroughs which brings remarkable changes in the lives of the end customers.

Unlike the 90’s where it was possible to deal with the theory of a single owner and talent ,the present day companies have to deal with greater team work,emotional intelligence,problem solving and decision making.

Unfortunately these qualities are not always developed from early childhood where the focus is more on academics hence young talent are left to fetch for themselves at a later age.

The Right ideas at the Right time with a Right team having the Right effect on the end customers is the goal in the diary of every successful company.

Mindful Gurukul is fully aware of the complexities of work in a corporate house and its effects on human brain.

Hence Mindful Gurukul has designed a Provocateurs Program for Corporate Employees,Managers and Executives using the same 4R(Realization,Relaxation,Rewiring and Redefine)strategy.

It is a tailor made program addressing the problem areas and skill development of the various department in the organisation.

The participants are encouraged to come out with innovative and lasting solutions making use of 4R method themselves rather than a direct input of a probable best suited solution.

Benefits of Provocateurs program?

  • a reduction in employees’ levels of stress
  • an increase in their levels of emotional intelligence
  • increased productivity
  • increased interpersonal sensitivity and lower levels of impulsivity
  • higher levels of personal resilience
  • lower rates of health-related absenteeism
  • increased self-awareness
  • enhanced communication skills
  • increased concentration and attention span
  • a greater capacity to hold and work with information
  • improved sleeping patterns
  •  lower levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety
  •  improved creativity, innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking
  •  higher levels of well-being and overall work and life satisfaction
  •  Decrease arguments and disputes between staff
  •  Reduced general absenteeism
  •  a decrease in grievances and complaints
  •  greater staff turnover

Provocateurs Program 

Mindful Gurukul offers PROVOCATEURS PACKAGE for Corporates.
Interventions are done for 8 weeks at different levels




Each session consists of activities with brainstorming session and discussions making it a 90 percent interactive session and less of gyan and lecturing.A thorough research into the problem areas are done during pre sessions and also during the sessions so that the effective areas of concern to the participants are brought to the fore front.
Pre and Post sessions analysis are done for all Participants to measure the impact in their day to day life.