The speed with which technology has encroached our lives in the last decade has created a dent in maintaining of homeostasis of our mind and emotions.This has a profound effect on our creativity and out of the box thinking.A continuous dependence on automations and short cuts have hampered our ability to recreate and reform our understanding to the situation at hand making people more reactive .Team work,emotional intelligence and problem solving have become all the more necessary skills to survive in today’s everchanging dynamic competetive world.

Mindful Gurukul is a concept designed one years back by Dr.Chirag Jain and Darshana Jain with a sole aim to help individuals to break their autonomous routine lives and create conditions to bring about the necessary changes which are creating hurdles in their journey to reach their desired goals.Rather than focusing on giving straightforward solutions and gyan to the individual problems Mindful Gurukul helps individuals to generate a wisdom and thought process to be able to come with answers best suited to their thinking.Our own inhouse research team has come up with 4R concept (Realisation,Raising,Rewiring and Redefining) makes it possible to root out rigid thoughts and habits and reinforce desired skills.Rather than delivering a highly motivational message and assuming solutions for individual problems, Mindful Gurukul aims more at bringing in fundamental changes in thinking process which is unique to every human being.At a school level we believe if these qualities can be inculcated from a young age when the brain is highly neuroplastic it will create a more peaceful and compassionate world.


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